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Cours de calligraphie : Apprentissage de l'alphabet arabe

Learn how to properly form letters

There is no more beautiful writing in the world than Persian, their letters are made up of large and small lines, which become frightening when they finish, with a well invented and very pleasant to the eye, there is no people who write so well either.

Journal du voyage du Chevalier Jean Chardin en Perse (1643-1713)


We invite you to come and discover the art of Arabic and Persian calligraphy : use of the calamus and writing of the naskh. The فارسی (Farsi) or Persian uses the 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet and adds 4 more, so it includes 32 characters.

The workshop is led by Mohammad, a master calligrapher and illuminator. Mohammad comes from Herat, an important city in western Afghanistan near the borders of Iran and Turkmenistan, once the capital of Khorassan ("place where the sun comes from" referring to its intellectual wealth), considered to be medieval Afghanistan. He learned his art in this same city from his masters Akhond Mohammad Ali and Said Mashal, who were among the great Persian calligraphers of the second half of the 20th century.


This 2-hour course takes place on the 3rd Sunday of each month from 10am to 12pm. It is not necessary to be an Arabic or Persian speaker. In order for the course to run smoothly, no more than 6 people can attend. This introduction to the art of Arabic and Persian calligraphy can only be done once.

Price: 40€ per person, material provided.


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For any additional request, contact us via our form or at (+33)681121053.



Thuluth by Mohammad Ghulam

 Diwani by Mohammad Ghulam

Diwani by Mohammad Ghulam

 Nasta'liq by Mohammad Ghulam

Nasta'liq by Mohammad Ghulam

 Chekasteh by Mohammad Ghulam

A poem in chekasteh or "broken script" by Mohammad Ghulam

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