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Thuluth by Mohammad Ghulam


There is no more beautiful writing in the world than Persian, their letters are made up of large and small lines, which become frightening when they finish, with a well invented and very pleasant to the eye, there is no people who write so well either.

Journal du voyage du Chevalier Jean Chardin en Perse (1643-1713)

Learn the art of the Arabic and Persian calligraphy. Master the use of reed pen and discover the different types of writings, naskh, thuluth, nasta'liq, chekasteh, etc. The فارسی (Farsi) or Persian uses the 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet and adds 4 more, so it is 32 characters long.

Weekly course led by Mohammad Ghulam, on tuesday from 4pm to 6pm or Saturday from 10am to 12am. It is aimed at both beginners and people wishing to improve their skills. In order to work under the best conditions, this course cannot accommodate more than 4 people.

Price: 450€/quarter supplies included. Minimum registration of one month, to be paid at the beginning of each month.

Feel free to contact us for any further information via our contact form or on (+33)672050103.


Diwani by Mohammad Ghulam

Diwani by Mohammad Ghulam

 Nasta'liq by Mohammad Ghulam

Nasta'liq by Mohammad Ghulam

 Chekasteh by Mohammad Ghulam

A poem in chekasteh or "broken script" by Mohammad Ghulam

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